AUTOESCOPIA. O Universo observándose a si mesmo

This piece of digital art breaks with the dualistic perspective of landscape, proposing an alternative vision from a hybridisation of the positions of spiritualist and intermediate monism. From the dualist perspective, the existence of the landscape implies the presence of two antagonistic subjects; Someone who looks and something that is looked at. Our proposal, on the contrary, stems from the premise that the observer and the observed object are the same entity. Spiritualist monism affirms that everything real is mental -everything that exists is part of the perception of our mind-, being the human being conceived as a mind that perceives itself and perceives the other. At the same time, Spinoza, from intermediate monism, affirms that we are composed of a single substance, that of essence. Things are but "immanent" parts of the Whole. Inspired by the phrase popularised by C. Sagan in the 1980s, "We are the Universe observing itself", we propose a landscape whose post-digital territory is constituted as a digital-mental Cosmos, immaterial and flat, in representation of unity; a self-scopy of the Universe that reflects on the unity of All. For the creation of this landscape, we created a sound composition using NASA recordings as a basis. This soundscape becomes a virtual territory through an algorithm that analyses sound frequencies in real time and converts them into dimension points, creating a Universe that vibrates in a chaotic and changing way.

MIL111.lab is an artistic collective, founded by Iria del Bosque and Borja Bernárdez, focused on the design of immersive experiences, installations and audiovisual pieces. We are a team of modern alchemists who use light, space and sound as tools to create fissures in reality in order to propose alternative universes and new points of view about the world. Our motivation is to ask questions, through immersive experiences, both personal and collective, to provoke reflection on the consciousness of being, its existence in the world and the different ways to fill the existential voids of the human being. MIL111.lab was born at the beginning of 2021, beginning its journey with the presentation of its opera prima "SELBST. A dialogue between the conscious I and the unconscious psyche" at the Play-Doc. International Film Festival.