Open call

The landscape of the city of Vigo has been transformed by the construction of Vialia Vigo, a new 122,000 m2 macro-building designed by American architect Thom Mayne, which acts as a new 'gateway' to the city. A train and bus station, a shopping centre, a park and, now, a digital art exhibition space.

It is in this new location where five innovative large-format screens, new communication devices created by SMTH, will host a new digital art exhibition programme from today.

SMTH with the collaboration of MMMAD and the sponsorship of Nhood, launch the first international open call for digital artists on the screens of Vialia Vigo. Under the theme 'Post-digital Landscapes', we are looking for works that reflect on territory, landscape, city and space in the post-digital era.

From all the works received, a jury of experts will select the five best, which will receive a 1.500,00€ prize each and will be exhibited at Vialia Vigo from December 20th 2021 to February 20th 2022. Faced with the delocalisation of the digital world, in this first edition we are looking for artists and creators who have a special link with this place. Of the five selected artists, at least two must have been born or currently reside in Galicia.

Deadline: november 29th december 6th.

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The five winners are:

- 'Safety Chunks' by Alejandro Vázquez Tomé (Spain, Galicia) 
- 'Sensory Cellumonials' by Baum & Leahy - Amanda Baum and Rose Leahy (Denmark / United Kingdom)
- 'The Unbinding' by Lauren Moffatt (Australia)
- 'AUTOESCOPÍA. O Universo observándose a si mesmo' by MIL111.lab - Iria del Bosque, Borja Bernárdez (Spain, Galicia)
- 'Spring.Industries: Navigations' by Thomas Brett (United Kingdom)


The 20 finalists (in alphabetical order) were:

- Alejandro Vázquez Tomé (Spain, Galicia)
- Álvaro Chior (Spain, Galicia)
- Andrea Mikyska (Czech Republic)
- Baum & Leahy - Amanda Baum and Rose Leahy (Denmark / United Kingdom)
- Berenice Golmann (France)
- Danni Zheng (China)
- Deborah Mora (Italy)
- Erik Harley (Spain)
- Filip Anthonissen (Belgium)
- Hanna Noh (South Korea)
- Ingrid Kristensen Bjørnaali (Norway)
- Juan Covelli (Colombia)
- Lauren Moffatt (Australia)
- Marta Verde Baqueiro (Spain, Galicia)
- MIL111.lab. Iria del Bosque, Borja Bernárdez (Spain, Galicia)
- Nuria López Blanco (Spain, Galicia)
- Robert Seidel (Germany)
- S4RA (Portugal)
- Thomas Brett (United Kingdom)
- Yves Gregoire Lizárraga (Mexico)

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